The low price of cotton in Çukurova, one of the important cotton production centers of Turkey, whose cultivation area and yield increased by approximately 20 percent compared to last year, upset the farmers.

The fact that the weight of core cotton was 1.6-1.7 liras and fiber cotton was 3.8-4 liras last year directed the manufacturer to cotton this year. With the effect of the high price, an increase of 20-25 percent occurred in the cotton production areas and yield in Çukurova.

The increase in the cultivation area and the amount of product did not benefit the producer this year. Despite the support of 0.55 lira per kilo, the producer was not saved, since the price of unseed cotton is currently between 1.3-1.32 liras and fiber cotton is between 3.10-3.20 liras. The fact that the cost of cotton, whose weight is calculated as 2 liras, is around 1.9 liras, together with the support, makes the producers think.