Euroka Lemon it was discovered in California in 1858 through seeds brought from Sicily. It is sensitive to cold. The fruits are in the form of clusters.

Their shells have a smooth and vibrant color. Shelf life is long. It is a variety with few seeds and plenty of water. Harvest time continues from the end of winter to summer.

Rootstock: Citrus Fruit Width: 57.17 mm
Length of fruit: 71.12 mm
Fruit index: 0.80
Shell thickness of the fruit: 4.97 mm
Number of slices (pieces/fruit): 9.8
Number of seeds (pieces/fruit): 2.8
SCT (%): 10
Titratable acid ratio (%): 7.13
SÇKM/ Acid ratio: 1.14
Fruit weight (gr): 120.4
Amount of juice: 45.3

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*Measurements were made at Cukurova University Subtropical Fruits Research and Application Center and may vary depending on the climate.