Fremont Mandarin this variety is grown only in Turkey, especially in the Adana-Mersin region, and is a type of tangerine intended for export to the Middle East countries. The fruits are round and small. The fruit peel is dark red-orange, shiny and smooth during the harvest period; thickness is 3 mm. The skin is tightly attached to the fruit flesh. Puffing is not seen easily. Fruit flesh is dark orange, soft and delicious.

During the maturity period, the amount of juice is 43.87%. There are 11.38 seeds per fruit. Although it has many seeds, it is a very popular tangerine variety because of its high appeal, its very sweet juice and its delicious flesh.

As maturity progresses, the quality does not deteriorate much. It is convenient for transport and storage.

Market report period: December – February Origin: ADB
Detection Year: 1964
Fruit Shell: Dark red, shiny, smooth
Flesh: Dark orange, soft
Fruit Shape: Round
Fruit Diameter: 50-55 mm
Fruit Weight: 60-80 gr
Flesh Bond of Shell: Tight, hard to peel, shell breaks apart while peeling.
Amount of Urea: 43.87%
Core Quantity: Multi-core
Puffing: None
Ripening/Harvest Period: December – January
Periodically: Shows


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*Measurements were made at Çukurova University Subtropical Fruits Research and Application Center and may vary depending on the climate.