Meyer Lemon was discovered in China in 1908. The fruits are large, round and have a small breast. The fruit peel is smooth, yellow in color and thin. Fruit flesh is dark yellow, juicy and crispy. Its acid content is very low compared to lemons.

It grows in the early season. Harvest months: September- December Rootstock: Turunç
Width of fruit: 51.84 mm
Length of fruit: 65.18 mm
Fruit index: 0.79
Shell thickness of the fruit: 3.35 mm
Number of slices (pieces/fruit): 9.2
Number of seeds (pieces/fruit): 5
SÇKM (%): 8
Titratable acid ratio (%): 6.22
SÇKM/ Acid ratio: 1.29
Fruit weight (gr): 88
Amount of juice: 40.9
Harvest months: September/October/November/December

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*Measurements were made at Cukurova University Subtropical Fruits Research and Application Center and may vary depending on the climate.