Navelina Orange

This variety, which originated in California, emerged in the 1910s with an eye mutation from Washington Navel. Its tree is smaller than the Washington Navel but matures earlier.

This earliness is about two weeks. In Spain, in mid-October, when the skin color is still green, it reaches the minimum acceptable quality standards for harvest. Fruits are slightly smaller and oval than Washington Navel. It is a suitable variety for the conditions of Turkey because it is early, harvested before the winter cold and is of good quality.

Origin : USA, California
Detection Year : 1910
Fruit Shell : Dark orange color
Fruit Flesh: Orange color
Fruit Shape : Oval
Fruit Diameter: 90-100 mm
Fruit Weight: 200-250 gr
Flesh Bond of Shell: Avg
Amount of Use: 43%
Amount of Seeds: No Seeds
Puffing : None
Ripening/Harvest Period: October/November/December
Periodic: None


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*Measurements were made at Cukurova University Subtropical Fruits Research and Application Center and may vary depending on the climate.