W Murcott Mandarin This variety, which is thought to be a hybrid of Murcott and Clementine, originates from Morocco. This variety is known as W Murcott in California and Nadorcott in Morocco.

W Murcott appeals to both the eyes and the palate of consumers with its smooth peel, bright deep orange skin color, sweet taste like honey and unique aroma.

The shell can be easily peeled off. Since it is a late growing tangerine, it is harvested between January and February. This feature makes this fruit very valuable for buyers with late markets.

Rootstock: Orange
Width of fruit: 58.43 mm
Length of fruit: 43.92 mm
Fruit index: 1.33
Shell thickness of the fruit: 4.84 mm
Number of slices (pieces/fruit): 9.1
Number of seeds (pieces/fruit): 6
SCT (%): 14
Titratable acid ratio (%): 1.26
SÇKM/ Acid ratio: 11.11
Fruit weight: 79
Amount of juice: 42.5
Harvest time: January-February


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*Measurements were made at Çukurova University Subtropical Fruits Research and Application Center and may vary depending on the climate.