Lamas Lemon is a variety grown especially in Turkey. It is efficient and high quality. Its fruit is medium-sized, cylindrical, with a neck ring and prominent mammal.

The fruit peel is a yellow colored, juicy lemon with superior taste and odor, smooth and bright. It is a mid-season fruit. It is a kind that is suitable for storage.

Fruit Skin: Light green-yellow or lemon yellow
Fruit Flesh: Smooth, bright
Fruit Shape: Fruit shape is long cylindrical, with a slight neck ring
Fruit Diameter: 60-65 mm
Fruit Weight: 110-120 gr
Flesh Bond of Shell: Tight
Amount of Urea: 34.96%
Core Quantity: 3-5
Puffing: Puffing occurs in late harvest periods
Ripening/Harvest Period: November-February mid season
Periodic: It has a tendency.
Harvest months: November/December/January/February/March


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