Star Ruby Grapefruit

Star Ruby was obtained from the seed of Hudson variety as a result of artificial mutation in 1959 in the USA. He came to our country in 1981. It has a slow growth feature and its branches are very dense.

Although the flesh of the fruit is red, coloration is also seen on the outside of the fruit. Suitable for fresh consumption but not suitable for storage.

Rootstock: Orange
Width of fruit: 87.99 mm
Length of fruit: 77.28mm
Fruit index: 1.14
Shell thickness of the fruit: 8.12 mm
Number of slices (pieces/fruit): 12.4
Number of seeds (pieces/fruit): 0.8
SCKM (%): 12
Titratable acid ratio (%): 1.86
SCKM/ Acid ratio: 6.45
Fruit weight (gr): 290.4
Amount of juice: 52.4
Harvest months: October/November/December

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*Measurements were made at Cukurova University Subtropical Fruits Research and Application Center and may vary depending on the climate.